Digital Dances: Analysing Rhythmic Experience in Interaction Design

Wednesday April 22, 3.00pm – 4.30pm

MECO Seminar Room, S226, John Woolley Building A20, University of Sydney

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There are rhythms of action and response to all human-computer interactions. As we click, swipe, tap and sway to their beats, these rhythms intersect with the rhythms of our everyday lives. Perhaps they synchronize, perhaps they disrupt each other or maybe they dance together. Whatever their impact, our experience of these rhythms will colour our experience of an interaction design. Developing an understanding of rhythmic experience within an interaction design, requires a focus on methods that foreground temporal relationships, rhythmic flow and rhythmic performance. These methods involve iterative cycles of first-person experience and third person observation. They also involve the production and analysis of representations of rhythm across multiple sensory domains. Like rhythm itself, the focus is on change and continuity, on the cyclic and the linear, and on the patterns of their movement across time.

Brigid Costello is a lecturer and researcher in media production at the School of the Arts and Media at UNSW, Sydney. She has published on playful interaction design, user experience, evaluation methods, and videogames. She also creates interactive artworks and designs. In her recent book Rhythm, Play and Interaction Design (Springer, 2018), she explores the rhythmic dimensions of interaction design, developing practical strategies for designing and analysing playful rhythmic experience.