About Us

Media@Sydney showcases frontier research from world leading scholars, hosted by the Department of Media and Communications (MECO), available as podcasts. Started in 2007, this seminar series has become a dynamic forum for ideas and provocations that strategically address the many challenges  of the fast-moving worlds of media.

MECO is home to a vibrant, globally engaged, diverse team of researchers who are undertaking major national, regional and international collaborative projects that explore the role of media and communications in our lives, from a variety of strategic viewpoints. Research includes digital media transformations, journalism studies, media political economy and policy, health communications, environmental communication, communication and food sustainability, gaming studies and digital media research in Asia (China, Taiwan, Korea, Bhutan and Nepal).

Details¬† about our research projects and achievements can be found on the MECO Research page. For further information contact MECO Research Director Dr Penny O’Donnell.

The 2021 seminar series is convened by Dr Mark Johnson.

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