PODCAST: Tweeting trump – the alt-right and mainstreaming of white nationalism by Jessie Daniels

In this engaging talk, Jessie Daniels draws on 20 years of research to demonstrate that white supremacy is neither new nor an aberration, but rather a consistent feature of the US political landscape. Savvy white nationalists and members of the ‘alt-right’ movement use culture jamming tactics on Facebook and Twitter to inject racist memes like #WhiteGenocide into popular political and cultural discussions. And, @realDonaldTrumpretweets them all to his 5 million-plus followers. In response to this increased visibility and amplification of white supremacy in the mainstream of US political culture, white liberals express shock at what they perceive is a new development. It is not.

Jessie Daniels is Professor of Sociology at Hunter College, New York City, and an internationally recognized expert in Internet manifestations of racism. Her visit to Australia is being supported by Western Sydney University’s Building Digital Antiracism Capacity collaboration. Jessie is the author of White Lies (Routledge, 1997) and Cyber Racism (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009), along with dozens of scholarly articles. Since 2007, Daniels has published Racism Review, a credible and reliable resource for anyone seeking evidence-based research on race, racism, ethnicity and immigration. Forbes named her ‘one of 20 inspiring women to follow on Twitter.’ She tweets as @JessieNYC.