Semester 2 2020 Roundup


Stay tuned for up our upcoming program for Semester 1, 2021.

Seminars from Semester 2, 2020, are now available to view online:

Bunty Avieson: The Bhutan-Wiki Project: Global knowledge and minority languages

Wikipedia offers a bulwark for cultural resilience by oral cultures and this project investigates the experiences of the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Mark Johnson: The Lives and Careers of Professional Live Streamers

Drawing on five years of ethnographic research, this seminar focuses on the pasts, presents and (predicted or considered) futures of live streamers.

Justine Humphry, Chris Chesher, and Sophia Maalsen: Smart Publics – Imaginaries and discoveries of smart street furniture

This talk will present research findings from the Smart Publics project focusing on smart city user imaginaries and public encounters with media hybridised forms of smart street furniture.

Alana Mann: Food in a Changing Climate

This new book analyses land and labour relationships in the global food system and considers whose knowledge counts in science communication on health and climate issues.

Olga Boichak: Mapping the National Web: Spaces and cultures of diasporic mobilisation in the digital age

This seminar explores hyperlinking behaviours among Ukrainian Canadians to map geographic, linguistic, and political boundaries of the Ukrainian national web.

Jolynna Sinanan, Larissa Hjorth, Sarah Pink and Heather Horst: Digital Media Practices in Households

This new book explores practices through locative media, self-tracking and quantified self apps in households in Tokyo, Shanghai and Melbourne.

Wayne Hawkins: Please Hold: Australia’s Communication Policy Response to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

This presentation evaluates current communication policies in Australia from a critical disability theory (CDT) framework and identifies the quality of those policies as they speak to people with disability.